So I ran into a little issue with a Microsoft Surface Pro this past week that I couldn’t seem to find a solution to.  Neither a Type Cover or a Touch Cover would work on the device!

Everything else on the Surface was working perfectly fine (or so it would seem).  The symptoms:

– When the keyboard is attached there is no response from it at all
– The on-screen keyboard worked perfectly fine
– Flipping the keyboard over did not effect the machine at all

During the troubleshooting I discovered a couple additional things.

– No keyboard was showing in Device Manager
– There was a pile of updates waiting!

Why are the updates even mentioned here?  Well, among the updates was a System Update from 6/11/2013.  Interesting…  Here is how I ended up fixing the machine.

1. Go to the Store.  Make sure there are no updates waiting there.  If there are, install them all.
2. Install ALL updates that are waiting.  If the system update isn’t shown in there then, after a restart, Check for Updates one more time.
3. If the two steps above have been complete and your system is hanging at a black screen with Surface in the middle of the screen and it says “Please Wait While We Install a System Update” the do the following.

  • Hold the power button down to restart the computer.  
  • This should get you past the System Update and back to the Login Screen.  Go ahead and Login.
  • Hold down the Volume Up button + the Power Button at the same time for about 15 seconds.  Just hold it down until it takes you back to the screen in Step 3 above.  This resets the hardware drivers on the machine.
  • This should now progress past the System Update screen and back to the Login Screen.

4. Now that you have reset the hardware drivers on the machine, do steps 1 & 2 again.

Once you have finished step 4, snap on your keyboard and type away!

If you still cannot use the keyboard on the machine then you probably have a hardware issue.  You can either head into your local Microsoft store, if you have one around, or start a call with the Microsoft Surface Support team here.

Hopefully this helps.  If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave me a comment!



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