Sarah Kershner
CEO of Matchless IT

Sarah Kershner is a founder of Matchless IT. With a background in psychology she believes in leading through conscious culture. She is a Southern California native with a passion for Disneyland, and an annual pass holder to the park almost her whole life. She enjoys comic books and her love for animals is exponential.

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Technology and Cars; what’s the tune?

Matchless IT has a show car; a 2015 Audi S3, appropriately named “COMPNRD”,  is Matchless IT’s technology show piece. Matchless IT attended two car shows in the month of April: Spec- D Tuning Spring Show Off and the 8th Annual European Car Show at the Peterson Automotive Museum. Car tuning is a fantastic example of technology in action. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) tuning is the quickest way to harness the power of technology for your vehicle. For instance, an ECU tune is the fastest, simplest way to gain more power from your engine without turning a single bolt.

ECU Tuning

ECU tuning begins with “White-hat hackers” dissecting the code of the ECU and then creating their own code to adjust the specs set forth by the factory. The common adjustments made in ECU tuningare AFK (Air, Fuel, Knock) calibrations. They create code that can determine which Air/Fuel ratios are best at each load and engine speed to provide matchless power, reliability, and efficiency before the “knock” occurs.  Ignition timing would also be enhanced to a level where the least amount of ignition timing advance is utilized to produce peak torque figures. Above all, a properly “tuned” engine should be optimized efficiently at all speeds.

It should also be noted that adding performance parts without properly adjusting the ECU or adjusting the ECU without adding the correlating performance parts can cause issues. In other words, ECU tuning is computer science and it’s best to go to the experienced professionals if you’re going to invest your money in your engine. Don’t cut corners when it comes to tuning.

COMPNRD Audi’s Tuning

COMPNRD Audi S3 has an APR Stage 2 Tune Upgrade to the ECU that was completed by EUROCODE Tuning in Torrance, CA. In order to balance this ECU tune’s performance the following required parts were added to the vehicle: APR Carbon Fiber Intake, APR Intercooler, High Flow Intercooler Charge Pipe Kit, Miltek Race-cat Downpipe, and NGK RS7 Spark Plugs. This simple upgrade increased the car’s performance by roughly 100HP bringing the 2.0L engine to approximately 400HP! That’s 400HP out of something about the size of a half-gallon of milk- THAT’S Technology in Action!!

Carbon Fiber Intake

Carbon Fiber Intake

In conclusion, there’s more technology in your car than you think; even in the hunk of metal under the hood. Come out and see ours and we will show you how much more tech you can fit in to a car in the coming months.

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Cars ‘N Copters On The Coast 2019 on 5/5/19 @ 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM: 21291 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, California 92648

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