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Nick Kershner
CTO of Matchless IT

Nick Kershner is a Founder of Matchless IT and fills the role of CTO day to day.  While he spends his time finding solutions that help Matchless IT serve their clients better, he enjoys connecting with like-minded people and answering questions on Social Media.  While always watching out for solutions to help Matchless IT’s clients grow and strengthen, Nick enjoys writing about what he discovers.

You can reach Nick by either commenting on one of his posts, or contacting him at his offices.

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Case Study: How British Airways Transformed with Office 365

British Airways improves communication service with Office 365

British Airways, UK’s flagship airline and the leader in luxury — judged to have the best first class amenities in Europe. Though comfort is a focus for passengers, the airline also strives to ensure that its employees have the best resources possible, which is why Microsoft Office 365 was added to the crew.

As an airline with approximately 41,000 employees across 75 countries, one of BA’s top priorities is to make internal communications as efficient as possible, which has been a challenge in the face of aging communication technology. To coordinate a massive, international business, communications need to be in tip-top shape.

In 2013, the company had intranet, but was limited by the fact that most employees were on the ground, and couldn’t run to a keyboard every ten minutes. Julie Boddy, a Business and Technology Improvement Manager at BA, also noted that they had “four different email platforms that [didn’t] interoperate well, so sharing calendars [was] a nightmare, not to mention limited email quotas and attachment sizes.”

In fact, Boddy mentions that leadership “heard repeatedly that [employees] were more productive at home with their devices than they were at work.”

Employees collectively suggested that their productivity would increase if they could do work on desktop or mobile, regardless of location. To answer their employees’ plea, British Airways turned to Microsoft and its Office 365 offerings.

With Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Skype, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online, British Airways could include employees that were on the ground, give customer service staff greater support, and reduce the time their employees spent managing email inboxes.

Since transitioning to Office 365, Boddy has found the digital transformation to be a positive experience. She notes that “this exchange of information increases tacit knowledge that colleagues can use to improve their job performance,” and that employees are glad to forego the “two hours a month [spent] cleaning up email.”

With the British Airways experience in mind, does something like Office 365 sound like it could be useful to you? Are you frustrated by outdated technology, but intimidated by the upgrade cost? If so, let’s get in touch.  We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your business needs, challenges, objectives, and help you achieve your goals with a cost-effective solution.

Also, if you’re curious about other benefits that British Airways incurred, or want to hear more about what Boddy has to say about the airline’s experience with Office 365, you can find the full case study here:

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