Cool New Tech: BioLite BaseCamp

By Duchess of Coin

Many of us claim to love the outdoors and even often times call ourselves “outdoorsy”, but honestly we all live in a an age of technology. Almost everything we use in our daily lives requires a USB port to recharge. Why bring just one single paperback book when camping, when you can bring your entire library on your tablet or e-reader? Don’t forget comic books too! What about trail maps or fishing blogs? Those things enhance in your enjoyment of the outdoors and BioLite has created something amazing to help make your future camping trip more enjoyable.

BioLite has found a way to combine cooking outdoors and charging your precious devices with the BioLite BaseCamp. The BaseCamp converts heat into electricity using a thermoelectric generator while you prepare a meal on top. This heat conversion creates 30 minutes of charging time which equates to approximately 5 hours of battery life on your device. For approximately the same price as a decent barbeque, you can purchase a grill that does more than just cook your food.



Not only are you purchasing an awesome piece of tech with BioLite BaseCamp, you are also get the opportunity to interact with some exceptional customer service. A member of our team contacted BioLite via their website. He spoke to Dale in Support and his responses were prompt and light-hearted. When a consumer deals with a company they want to feel like they are not just someone handing over money, and Dale completely made our staff member feel that way. He answered his questions and even joked with our team member.

Customer service, in my opinion, has become a low priority in recent times. To actually speak to a real person and speak candidly with them was a breath of fresh air. BioLite began as a Kickstarter campaign on May 13, 2014. They were able to raise $1,032,433 in about a month! I believe the ample support was achieved not only because they created an amazing piece of tech, but because simply the creators, engineers and staff are likeable people. They care about the environment and the general health of the world through engineering these clean wood burning stoves. They care about their customers by creating the BaseCamp stove, because the customers asked for it.

If you’re planning on purchasing a new piece of tech or possibly even a new barbeque, I recommend the BaseCamp. I will be placing my order ASAP.