A Phone System From a Computer Firm?

YES! You are probably used to “The Phone Guy” who focuses only on your phone system. They’re great with your old phone system, but the time has come for some modern features.

Surprise! Phone systems and even phones today are computers!

They require the same type of setup your computer networks need!

This is what a Modern Phone Network looks like!

Todays Phone Network
Old Phone System

This is what an old phone system looks like.

Take note of the Floppy Discs...

Unfortunately, phone systems sold well after the year 2000 still look and function like the old system to the left. The new systems were out, but “The Phone Guy” is just that – a phone guy.

The problem is this:

Traditional Phone Guys need to learn a whole new profession to install and support new systems. They need to become Computer People.

Computer People also need to learn a whole new profession to install phones. Concepts are entirely different, and there is a longer history of knowledge to understand.

We at Matchless IT have been “Both People” for over 2 decades.

We wear many hats throughout our team and we are both Traditional Phone Guys and Computer People.

We understand the value in each area, and our system blends the best of both.

Multiple Hats for VoIP Solutions in Los Angeles
  • Pay Only For the Lines You Use

  • Unlimited Extensions at No Additional Cost

  • Voicemail to Email

  • eFax and Analog Fax Options

  • Online User Portal

  • Digital and Physical Receptionist Consoles

  • Custom Music on Hold

  • True Automated Attendant

  • Intercom and Paging

Can we save you money too?

We have helped customers save from $100 to $1200 per month on their phone bill when switching to Matchless Voice from their traditional phone system.

We have saved customers from $50 to $350 per month when switching to our VoIP solution when switching from a different VoIP solution.

As much as I would love to give you a pricing engine right here, everybody’s situation is unique. Contact Us today to find out how much you can save on your phone costs.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, our Voice over IP solution goes everywhere.

We Configure Your Cloud PBX
We Configure Your VoIP Phones
We Send Them Out
You Plug Them In!

Prefer a more personal touch?

If you’re located near one of our offices we’ll come onsite, setup everything for you and even train your team.

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