Your Dedicated Team

Sarah Kershner  Chief Executive Officer

Nick Kershner  Chief Technology Officer

Peter Ankerberg  Support Operations Manager

Matt Bauchiero  Account Specialist and Tier 3 Support

“Great, fast service. Thank you”

Robert C., Superior Wall Systems

“Matt Bauchiero is very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks for all the help.”

Luis S., Brand Inc.

“I am not very tech savvy and I appreciate the help I get without making me feel like an idiot or making me feel like I am not capable. Always a positive experience.”

Rick S., Skyrose Ranch LLC

“Y’all are great! Thanks!!”

Sara M., American Commercial Equities

“Best IT company we have ever worked with!! Peter is our go to guy! We love that we have such an amazing point person! We love that he knows our system inside and out!”

Cristi C., Orange Orthopedic Medical Group

“I could not ask for better experience.”

Ted T., Porvene Doors


Lynette N., Superior Wall Systems

“Peter is the best! Always very helpful with everything.”

Heather M, Orange Orthopedic Medical Group

“We love Peter!!! :) He is very knowledgeable and he solves our issues in a timely manner!”

Cristi C., Orange Orthopedic Medical Group

“We love MIT!!! :)”

Cristi C., Orange Orthopedic Medical Group

“Matchless is great! You all are always so helpful. Thank you for everything.”

Katrina U., V2 Entertainment

“Best IT company in the World.”

Danny P, Porvene Doors

“Matchless is unmatched! They are incredible.”

Jon S., Legendary Studios

“Nick and his team are not only knowledgeable, they truly care which means a lot to us @ Cinestar. ”

Cicely S., Cinestar Pictures

“Always a pleasure, Awesome Attitude, Quick and to the point! :) Gracias! 5 STARS!”

Jacqueline Z., SWS Panel Inc.

“That Matchless is the best.”

Matthew R., Imagemovers

“Wish we had found you guys earlier before we started O365. Would have made it much easier.”

Bill B., SARA Inc.

“You guys are always so good to us. Thank you!!!”

Bryce L., Dog Pond

“Thank you for your promptness and continued professionalism!”

Jacqueline Z, American Commercial Equities

“Matt was great both times he came into the office to help me on my issue. He was great! And very helpful.”

Nicole O., Orange Orthopedic Medical Group

Matchless has been invaluable to Porvene and the Peters Family.

Danny P., Porvene Doors

My boss introduced me Matt for setting up my PC when I started working for him.  Matt had done his job only twice for me but I’ve already felt he was the technician I could rely on, trust and follow his high knowledge.  I am very happy!!

Ran Geller, Ran Geller, CPA

Matt is the best!!!!!

Nicole Rankin, Orange Orthopedic Medical Group Inc.

As always, Peter was great. Took care of everything in a timely fashion and was professional.

Tyler Schrader, Superior Wall Systems

Danny, thanks for all the hard work and help, you did a great job in solving my issues on Saturday.

ACE and Matchless are fortunate to have such a dedicated employee.

You were a star!!!

Marvin Lotz , American Commercial Equities

Sarah Kershner

With over a decade of  management experience, Sarah felt the call the entrepreneurship and co-founded Matchless IT in 2013 while completing her bachelors degree in psychology that same year.Sarah is an empathetic leader who exercises responsible business ethics and nurtures her team’s natural abilities.

Outside of Matchless she enjoys damaging her ear drums and dancing at live music venues all over the greater Los Angeles Area, pointing out every cat she spots in the wild with excitement to anyone who will listen, and reading comics and fiction novels.

Nick Kershner Matchless IT CTO

Nick Kershner

Nick discovered computers at age 12 when an old one found its way home from his Dad’s work.  While being a dedicated computer nerd, his free spirit and desire for change turned him to entrepreneurship and co-founding Matchless IT.  Here he leads the adoption of cutting edge technologies and deploys them to both our clients and here internally.

Outside the office he enjoys working on his car (which can be seen throughout our brand), taking his motorcycle for a putt, messing with one of his many pets or simply vegging out.

Peter Ankerberg is committed to making life better with technology. His patience and tenacity to give customers the very best has helped him gain the trust and respect of his colleagues and clients. He is driven to continue seeking knowledge to share. Away from his MIT family Peter enjoys nerding out with his daughters in the many worlds of LEGO on Xbox, growing his wealth of useless knowledge, or simply getting away for a bit of dedicated time with his wife.

Matt Bauchiero is endlessly curious as to how things work and always strives for continuous improvement. Matt was the typical nerd in high school with an extracurricular schedule that included robotics club, CCNA networking, A+ hardware/software, and Java and C++ programming classes.

After earning a B.A. in Business Administration from Cal State Fullerton, Matt began working in manufacturing and eventually ended up managing an IT department for several years.

After managing IT for a number of years, Matt went back to school to pursue a law degree. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Whittier Law School in 2014 and passed the CA Bar Exam that same year. After interning for a federal bankruptcy judge and working at personal injury and immigration law firms for a few years, Matt decided to return to his passion, working in IT.

Matt joined the Matchless team in 2017 and has been happy ever since. When he’s not fiddling with electronics, Matt enjoys spending his time out in nature or on the lawn bowling green. He’s become addicted to lawn bowling over the years and has been honored to represent Team USA in multiple international competitions