Project Description

Zebrahead Video Shoot – Creative Technology Division

Zebrahead Shoot

We have lots of passions and hobbies around Matchless.  One we all share is UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or more popularly referenced – Drones.  This one just so happens to be a true drone, however when we shot some clips for Zebrahead’s music video, we were flying by hand.  This is one of my personal hobbies, and we had fun doing this.

Why did Matchless do a video shoot with a drone?  Well, frankly – someone asked!

Our team draws from much more than just what an MSP requires for skills.  We bring our passions through the doors every day, and when someone brings us an idea, we tend to run with it.

Want to build something incredible, something beautiful, something useful – call the team that can bring your ideas to life.